So How Does This

The simple answer is it’s a matching process. We find out as much as we can about what a mentee wants and then match them with a mentor who has that experience.

A mentoring program can be created for your organisation OR you can arrange one as an individual.

These are the steps to ensure a productive and rewarding mentoring relationship for both sides.

  • Know the Mentee

    Our system is designed to clearly understand the circumstances and needs of the mentee.

  • Set Goals & Outcomes

    Establish a clear purpose for the mentoring to measure the outcomes/relationships.

  • Monitoring & Evaluation

    Monitoring as a health check, to continually manage and evaluate the relationship.

  • Matching Criteria

    The matching process is based on Mentee personality, aspirations, skills, interests, goals and so much more.

  • Mentee Orientation & Mentor Training

    Mentors participate in Mentor training on how to contribute effectively to the process.

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