Frequently Asked

How do I create an account?

To join SkillFlow as an individual visit the website and click on ‘Join Now’. Here you will have the option to join as a Mentor, a Mentee or both. Once you’ve joined, you will be redirected automatically to complete your Profile.

How important is it to complete my profile?

It is critical that you complete all the fields that have an asterix. If you don’t complete all the fields, it will be harder for others to find you and impossible for them to connect with you.

Why is it important that I know my personality type and include this here?

We have done a lot of research into what makes mentoring relationships successful. In addition to having complementary skills, experience, and aspirations, it’s really important that you have the right chemistry throughout the relationship. Matching your personality with that of others increases the chances of having a highly valuable mentoring relationship.

Do I get paid as a Mentor?

The SkillFlow system allows for Mentors to be paid for their time while interacting with others. We are also keen to attract Mentors who are highly experienced and knowledgeable and are willing to provide their time free of charge to others.

What is the difference between a Regular Mentee and a Premium Mentee?

The regular subscription is 100% free but has some restrictions. You are only allowed to have one mentor. The number of sessions you can have with your mentor are also limited, as are some of the premium features. You only unlock those once you sign up for a premium subscription.

What is the difference between a Regular Mentor and a Premium Mentor?

Premium Mentors are only available to Premium Mentees, unless you are willing to pay a set amount to access a Premium Mentor. As a Mentee subscribing to our Premium subscription will save you money over the course of your relationship with that Premium Mentor.

Why is it important to outline my goals and receive my Mentor’s assessment on these goals?

The goals allow everyone in the relationship to keep track of what you are working towards and to hold each other accountable for the progress you make. The assessments provide a feedback mechanism to let you know how well you have done in the process of achieving your goals. Assessments also provide you with other perks on the system, which benefit you and your Mentor.

My Mentor and I are not located in the same area. Can I still make this a worthwhile mentoring relationship?

Absolutely! The SkillFlow system has chat, message, video, and calendar functionality built into the system. This helps you to set up the most convenient time to get together. SkillFlow allows you to have Mentors from all over the world. That’s what makes it so powerful.

How do I find the most suitable Mentor for me?

If you have subscribed as a Premium Mentee, the system will provide you with the most suitable Mentors, based on your personal profile details. If you are a Regular Mentee, you can search for suitable Mentors by clicking on the ‘spyglass’. Select either ‘Mentor’ or ‘Both’ to search for suitable Mentors on the platform. You can then access each of the Mentors public profiles before deciding to send them a relationship request. Please limit your relationship requests to those Mentors you would really like to connect with and remember that there might be a restriction on the number of Mentors you can have so please choose wisely to avoid disappointment.

What do I do if I have a Mentor in mind who is currently not on the SkillFlow system?

You can invite anyone you like to join the system and there is a feature that provides you with exactly that. It can be a possible Mentor or others you believe could benefit from a highly valuable mentoring experience as well.

How can I get the most out of the SkillFlow system?

On top of each section of the system, you will see the following icon icon . This icon provides you with tour information on each section of the system to allow you to understand each feature and get the most benefit out of the system. In addition, there’s a series of articles and videos that are shared with you to provide you with additional information and ideas on how to get the most out of the SkillFlow system.

Why do I need to purchase credits?

There is no need to purchase credits unless you would like to connect with a Premium Mentor or a Mentor who asks for a certain amount of money in return for their time. In addition, you might want to purchase credits to buy anything that is on offer on either the SkillFlow system or the SageFlow Academy.

Do I need to assign all my goals to the same Mentor?

No. There is an option to assign your goal to yourself or to one of the Mentors that you might have who can best support you in achieving that goal. If you are a Regular Mentee, you can only assign a goal to either yourself or your Mentor, as you are restricted to only one Mentor as part of this subscription.

What happens when I have achieved all my goals?

You can decide to create new goals, together with your current Mentor or choose a different Mentor who is better suited to support you in achieving these new goals. The learning process can be endless and really depends on your appetite to keep improving and becoming the person you truly want to be.

How long does a ‘normal’ mentoring relationship last for?

Our recommendation is that a highly valuable mentoring relationship should last a minimum of 6 – 12 months. There is no real end date to a mentoring relationship as long as you both benefit from the relationship.

What are ‘SkillFlow Connections’?

SkillFlow Connections are people in your inner circle who are not your direct Mentor or Mentee. They are people who can provide you with additional support or act as a sounding board. They are always either Mentees if you are a Mentee yourself or a Mentor if you are a Mentor yourself.

What are ‘Followers’?

Followers are people who want to stay connected with you and want to see you progress. They are people who have an interest in you without being in a direct mentoring relationship with you. This is like other social media platforms.

What is the use of the ‘Forum’?

The Forum provides a space where likeminded people can come together and discuss various topics and provide their opinions. Please ensure that you are respectful of other’s opinions and refrain from any obscenities, cussing, bullying or personal attacks.

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