Meet Dave Vrijsen,
Founder of SkillFlow

“The majority of my success has come from great mentors” — Dave from SkillFlow

I am a paradigm shifter for both individuals and organisations to make them more sustainable for the future.

My purpose is shaping a better world by providing targeted mentoring for people wanting to get ahead.

I believe that effective mentoring has tremendous impacts on individuals, employers and business outcomes.

I started SkillFlow to make it easy for you to get access to the mentors who can help you get the success you want, faster.

My goal is for everyone to experience the profound benefits of a high value mentoring relationship.

When I started my own business, I researched everything about mentoring and how it’s perceived, conducted, who was doing it. I looked for an opportunity to give any professional anywhere in the world access to top quality mentors.

But I couldn’t find anything good enough for me to use and recommend it to people I trust.

It’s for people who want to fast-track their career with a great mentor.

It’s for mentors who want to help others achieve what they’ve been able to achieve.

My mission is to enable every single professional to have a highly valuable mentoring relationship, independent of whether their organisation is offering it or not.

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