"Skillflow is a worldwide mentoring system that provides professionals with the right mentor through a customised matching tool, ensuring the right skills are learned under an effective relationship"


"We aim to create an atmosphere for mentors and mentees to connect, and for corporations to benefit from that interaction"

What's in it for you

Maximise performance

Unleash Potential

Achieve Promotion

Reduces absenteeism

Higher Retention 

Increase Productivity

Skill & Goal Based


Become a mentor

Watch your mentee grow and develop a common purpose.

Re-energise yourself by helping someone new to the game.

Develop your own skills by teaching and learning.

Become a leader and further develop your leadership style.

Make a key difference in the world

These functionalities will ensure success for the Mentee and Mentor


We launch your mentoring program smoothly with our streamlined enrolment process.


We match with our software based on personalities & skills, to create impactful mentoring


We drive productive mentoring relationships through our worldwide guided experience


We always optimise each program performance and mentoring results with realtime data.


Fast & easy growth of your mentoring program and culture

The steps for the mentee


Connect with your perfect match, based on your Needs and Personality


Develop mentoring Relationships and define your Goals


Retain and improve your Skills through mentoring

The core elements

Putting the mentee first

Our system ensures that it understands the circumstances and needs

Goals and outcomes

We need a clear purpose for the goals to measure the outcomes / relationships

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring as a health check, to continually manage and evaluate the relationship

Matching criteria

The matching process will need preferences, interests and goals

Mentee orientation & Mentor training

Mentors will participate in a mentor training on how to contribute effectively to the process